Radical Transparency: Leading by Example Oct8

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This week we unveiled our new services along with a beautiful new website design.  One thing we decided to do in promoting our new services is to offer pricing right on our site.  Many service providers in our industry will not show the potential client what they will be charging for services. We believe that this complicates the potential users’

80-year ban on private placement advertising has been lifted! Sep23

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Today marks the first official day that federal legislation goes into effect allowing hedge funds to advertise their product publicly.   This means hedge funds, as well as small startups, can begin to advertise their product publically through vehicles such as social media sites, without having to register their shares for public trading. While restrictions

New JOBS Act Ruling Will Force Hedge Funds To Be More Transparent and User Friendly Toward Investors Jul16

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Hedge Connection applauds the SEC for adopting the final rules in connection with the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, lifting an 80-year-old ban on general solicitation and allowing hedge fund managers to advertise. We wait in anticipation to see what requirements the SEC will impose on funds regarding their marketing practices.  In general we

Hedge Connection’s December Meet the Manager Nov15

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Qualified investors are invited to join us on December 13th in NYC to hear 25 hedge fund managers discuss opportunities they see in their sector. After a two hour presentation session you will have an opportunity to speak with each manager one on one to ask more specific questions about their view on the market.