Reuters: Your money is no(w) good here Apr27

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Doing a round of spring cleaning and came across some blog posts that I had saved to publish later. If they are relevant then I will post. This one is, so I will.     Reuters Summit: New Opportunity for Would-Be Hedge Fund Investors   Reuters Subscription required     More news from the Reuters… Read more »

Outflow Update – HNWs on the way out – N.A. Institutions Hanging Tough Apr20

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From today’s FT.   HNW continue to flee hedge funds leaving an industry that is “more North American and more institutional.”   Selected excerpts:   “Rich Europeans, who were the first to invest in hedge funds and once comprised the majority of investors, have been the first to exit in the downturn, according to a… Read more »

News from the front – redemptions slowing! Mar23

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  Reuters is hosting a hedge fund and private equity forum in London, Singapore and New York. I can’t yet figure out whether it is virtual or happening in real time as it has escaped my conference net. Maybe someone can help.   Regardless, interesting news from the from CQS and Polar Capital.   CQS reports: Client… Read more »