Thoughtful Presentation on HF Marketing Mar9

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This morning I received a press release from IQ Financial Marketing notifying me of the availability of a free  guide offering 10 tips on hedge fund marketing. As we offer our own marketing tips each month so I was naturally curious.   According to the release, “IQ’s principals, Nancy J. Dennis and Michael H. Greenstein,

Where does one go to party these days? Feb27

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From 2/11/09 HF Alert:   Expect more of this.  If you are a hedge fund that expected to raise capital exclusively through your prime broker. Time to consider plan b.    Merrill Lynch is the latest prime broker to cancel or scale back a hedge fund conference. Merrill, now part of Bank of America, told clients

Goldman Postpones Hedge Fund Conference Feb4

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On second thought, a Florida hedge fund conference sponsored by TARP recipients would appear somewhat unseemly in this loaded political climate. _______ Goldman Hedge Confab Bumped Back Bleak economic reality has prompted Goldman Sachs to postpone its annual hedge fund conference and move it from Miami to New York.  Spokesman Ed Kennedy said the conference,

FOF’s respond to Swenson’s “evaluation” of their business Jan29

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After a miserable 2008, the last thing FOF’s needed was David Swenson, CIO of the Yale endowment, one of the most respected endowment chiefs referring to them as,  “Fund of funds are a cancer on the institutional-investor world. they facilitate the flow of ignorant capital.” After poor performance and the miserable Mr. Madoff, Swenson’s comments

Clifford Chance Expectations for 2009 Jan27

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Clifford Chance offers its view on the expected developments in the rapidly changing hedge fund industry in 2009.   Key developments in 2009 summarized below.     #1 – Hedge fund managers likely to be required to register   #2 – Hedge Funds Likely Will Be Required To Provide Certain Portfolio Information to the SEC