FOF’s respond to Swenson’s “evaluation” of their business Jan29

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After a miserable 2008, the last thing FOF’s needed was David Swenson, CIO of the Yale endowment, one of the most respected endowment chiefs referring to them as,  “Fund of funds are a cancer on the institutional-investor world. they facilitate the flow of ignorant capital.” After poor performance and the miserable Mr. Madoff, Swenson’s comments… Read more »

Clifford Chance Expectations for 2009 Jan27

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Clifford Chance offers its view on the expected developments in the rapidly changing hedge fund industry in 2009.   Key developments in 2009 summarized below.     #1 – Hedge fund managers likely to be required to register   #2 – Hedge Funds Likely Will Be Required To Provide Certain Portfolio Information to the SEC… Read more »

Hedgeworld article “New World of Hedge Fund Asset Raising” Jan26

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In keeping in the New Year them of articles suggesting new approaches to hedge fund marketing challenges in 2009. One such article penned by your hosts here at Hedge Connection.       #mce_temp_url# The article raises some excellent checklist items that all funds should be aware of when preparing marketing materials. Opinion: The New World of Hedge… Read more »

Presidential Working Group Report Final – PWG Techcheck Ready to Assist Jan21

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Friend of the firm, Judy Gross has been actively following the Presidential Working Group report on hedge funds and investors.  A hedge fund compliance consultant withe experience working with alternative investment products of all shapes and sizes, Judy came up with the idea of doing a web-based diagnostic for hedge fund managers to determine how… Read more »