Choosing Your Offshore Jurisdiction – Avoiding Asset-Raising Pitfalls Apr29

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In today’s environment, the process of establishing, launching and managing a hedge fund has higher barriers to entry than ever before … including higher costs. In the early 2000’s, an initial capital raise of $10 million could enable a new fund to get up and running with good prospects for further growth. In 2016, however, a fund starting with less than $100 million will find it challenging to provide the resources and infrastructure required for long-term viability and to attract institutional assets. To meet this greater start-up price point, many managers are looking to access additional sources of capital outside their home marketplace. An offshore vehicle, either as a stand-alone fund or a feeder fund into an onshore master, is a way to accommodate these international investors.

The Daily Shot 4/29/16: Global Macro Currents Apr29

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Greetings from Dallas, TX,First of all, we would like to thank Texas Wall Street Women (TXWSW) for their support. We encourage our readers to visit their website here and consider a corporate sponsorship. Once again, we begin with Japan as dollar-yen continues to tumble – now approaching 107. This is in response to yesterday’s “inaction” by the

What Investors Will Ask During an Operational Due Diligence Exam Apr26

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Michael V. Merrigan, Founder & Managing Member Shadmoor Advisors LLC contributes the following post. Shadmoor Advisors will be one of the specialists hosting a table at our Table Talks event in New York on May 2nd. As we approach the event we will be featuring white papers from our various specialists.   Beyond Valuation, Compliance &