The Current Market Environment: Where is the Risk? Sep15

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Markets have historically had psychological booms and busts since the beginning of time. The fear/greed syndrome will continue to drive investors into making emotional decisions at the wrong time. Human nature will remain the same. Mania has always gripped the markets from season to season. Gold, tulip bulbs, real estate, tech, oil. Bubbles tend to develop, and while “bubbles” can continue a lot longer than predicted, they will all come to a very unpleasant ending

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How Pension Plans Can Improve On Approaches To LDI Sep12

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In recent years, pension plans increasingly have embraced approaches and solutions offered by the liability driven investing model, wherein investment choices are in large part a function of the term of the liabilities. The need to bolster returns amid fixed income yield compression has led to an expansion of the strategy, away from pure debt with potential liquidity and valuation trade-offs. Embedded in these choices are human resource decisions involving internal vs. outsourced investment talent

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A Practicum for AUM Sep12

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There’s no denying that one of the biggest challenges small managers face is raising capital. To become large enough to turn a profit and expand is a common migraine that keeps emerging managers up at night. Forget fretting over last quarter’s performance: most of these managers obsess over not being able to add enough LPs to their fund before they run out of cash

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Debt Ceiling Drama – Don’t Sweat It Sep8

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Every couple of years, Congress flirts with the threat of not raising the federal “debt ceiling.” The “debt ceiling” is a gold mine for politicians, journalists and analysts. A possible government shutdown, and even more serious default on our debt (treasury bonds), are fun topics for pessimists to discuss. They played this game of brinkmanship in 2011, 2013 and again in 2015. And here we go again

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