Why Does Liquefied Natural Gas Offer Exceptional Energy Sector Investment Opportunities? Aug27

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Cheap natural gas has become the choice fuel for global power generation. However, unlike liquid or solid fuels like oil and coal, oceanic transporting natural gas from areas of abundance to areas of scarcity requires major investments in conversion and transportation infrastructure. Radiant Value Management is examining all segments along the global Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) value chain to identify infrastructure, technology or network advantages that are mispriced by the capital markets to make investments with asymmetric risk-reward profiles – Canadian pipeline service companies, logistics and accommodation providers are areas fertile for such bargains

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The Love of the (Returns) Chase Aug26

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Ah! We fickle investors! Pretty soon we’ll probably just have a Tinder app for hedge funds and skip due diligence and asset allocation all together. The app will display only past performance and allocate straight into the limited partnership from your bank account. I smell a unicorn. Swipe right if you agree

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Single Family Office And The Ultimate Wealth and Legacy Protector Aug19

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The vast majority of the more than 56,500 families around the world with net worth of $100 million and up and more than 16,500 with upwards
of $250 million have yet to create a single family office (SFO). Many families understand that SFOs provide the ultimate in privacy, control and customization. Their resistance to creating one often stems from a mistaken belief that SFOs are exorbitantly expensive to operate than outsourced investing and other services

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Wealth Creation in the Age of Digital Assets Aug13

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About once a generation, the finance industry cocoons an evolution, adding a layer of complexity to a system almost no one fully understands. From equities and bonds available to the middle classes in the 1950s, to the 1980s rise of derivatives and asset backed securities, each layer has added enormous wealth to the pockets of institutions and investors who spotted the trends early and figured out how to capitalise on the opportunities

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Using Performance Exams as Part of Your Pitch Book Strategy Aug6

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In an increasingly competitive capital-raising climate for start-up hedge funds, the use of performance examinations has become more and more common. A performance examination typically takes place when investment managers are considering launching a private fund structure and have traded their investment strategy in a separately managed account, or within their personal trading account.

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