(Thank God) What You See Isn’t All There Is Aug16

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My ex and I parted ways about a year ago. After taking some time eat some ice cream, clean out my closets and get my personal feng shui back in order, I decided recently it was time to re-enter the dating scene. Unfortunately, as someone who A) works from home and B) travels extensively, I realized

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A Certified Value – 5 Reasons Emerging Managers Are Worth A Look Aug11

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Beware the industry naysayers who proclaim hedge funds aren’t worth their salt/fees/risk/terms/etc. Sweeping generalizations may make good headlines, but they are invariably proven false by the minority that refutes them through action/statements/results/etc. Investors who take the time and effort to look under the ‘hedge fund hood’ can find real value among emerging managers who traverse the less-traveled paths of finance. Let’s take a look at five reasons why smaller managers deserve examination by investors seeking a different perspective and outcome in alternatives

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Why Emerging Managers Now? Aug10

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Traditional asset classes appear to offer uninspiring beta returns at present, and recent years’ hedge fund returns have disappointed both in magnitude and diversification benefits, likely reflecting capacity pressures associated with the concentration of AUM and inflows with larger funds. We argue that, by contrast, Emerging hedge funds offer a rich opportunity set with far fewer capacity issues where skilled managers with concrete competitive advantages in less efficient, smaller capitalization market segments can generate better, more sustainable and less correlated excess returns

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Tech Update: Windows 10 Upgraders Beware Aug4

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The allure of a free upgrade to Windows 10 is great, and the effort to avoid upgrading is significant. But upgraders beware — the decision to upgrade a corporate environment to Windows 10 should not be taken lightly. Considerations of risk surrounding a decision to upgrade are more than technology concerns, and suggest that involvement of senior level corporate management is appropriate

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