South Africa: Challenging Times for Private Hospitals May23

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South Africa has been a difficult market for private hospital stocks over the past year. The shares of the three leading companies (Life Healthcare, Mediclinic, and Netcare) have posted an average return of -8% in local terms over the past year. The rand’s 20% appreciation relative to the US dollar over this period has masked the challenges

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Active Versus Passive Management May15

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Not to state the obvious but…beating the market is hard. Really hard! It seems that every financial publication has already emphasized how passive investing has won the race for assets and returns. The idea that investment managers cannot beat the index has become an investing truism; that the single best choice for most individual investors, wishing to gain market exposure, is simple low-cost indexing. In fact, legendary investor Warren Buffett advocated this very idea in his most recent annual newsletter

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Emancipation From Participation May8

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Just showing up is not enough for any money manager to believe they are qualified or equipped to handle investment assets for clients. If a manager doesn’t feel the pressure to perform and the humbleness to know that the markets are a merciless taskmaster to those who expect to win every time, then that manager isn’t equipped to manage outside assets for a living. Investors are entitled to a manager who is fully devoted to doing their best day after day

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