Featured Thought Piece: Why Flawed Sales Goals Can Sabotage A Manager Oct30

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One of the most important issues that managers face is projecting from where the firm’s revenues will come next year and beyond, and then establishing specific goals to motivate their sales force to achieve those business objectives. While that approach makes sense, far too many managers set themselves up for failure by setting improper, unrealistic… Read more »

Establishing a 1940 ACT Alternative Fund Oct2

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An overview of the mutual fund regulatory framework is needed to understand the legal and compliance aspects of launching and operating a liquid alternative fund.  What are the key regulatory considerations?  How is operating a mutual fund different from a hedge fund?  What is an “Alternative ’40 Act Fund?” Why is board approval and oversight… Read more »

Report: High-Powered, The Energy Revolution Sep23

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What are the opportunities and implications of the energy revolution for both managers and investors? In this LAB Report, you will find surprising insights into how the Energy Revolution is changing both the economy and investing: • Early energy investors were big winners but great opportunities still lie ahead: Demand for both capital and energy is… Read more »

Macro Insight: The “Fire Rate” and the Fed’s First Hike Sep11

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  McAlinden Research Partners  | MACRO INSIGHT  WEBSITE   EMAIL US   Macro Insight: The “Fire Rate” and the Fed’s First Hike   Click for the latest MACRO MONITOR September 11, 2014   Buried in the latest employment data is an obscure but reliable indicator that is about to hit an important inflection point. The share of… Read more »

Liquid Alt Case Studies: Strategy, Structure and Fees Jul28

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Three managers and two industry experts recently shared their observations about starting and managing liquid alt funds at Infovest21′s “Key Considerations in Launching a Liquid Alt Fund”. Skyview Investment Advisors‘ Larry Chiarello advice: “Be flexible on the time line.  If you think it will take 18 months, it will be more like 34 months. If… Read more »