Finding Transparency In Audit Fees For Private Funds Jul19

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Large Audit firms provide services to many advisory companies within the industry, and investment firms generally negotiate fees once per year, or once every three years. As a result, audit firms have considerable information about market rates for audit fees, while advisors have little to no transparency

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Great Expectations Jul19

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  For the last several weeks, I’ve been watching what I eat. After months of travel and often substituting the contents of my minibar for dinner, I had grown concerned that my bloodstream was permanently clogged with Pringle fragments. So I bought some actual fruits and vegetables (goodbye, scurvy!) and sat down to eat something

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Impact of Brexit: UK, EU And Non-EU Alternative Fund Managers Are Unlikely To Be Significantly Adversely Affected Jul11

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The full impact of Brexit for the alternative funds sector will not be known for some time. But in this article we argue that UK, EU and non-EU alternative fund managers are unlikely to be significantly adversely affected and that even in a worst case scenario there will be relatively straightforward work-arounds

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Managing Expectations Jul8

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The line between wealth management and fund management continues to blur for the alternative asset managers who serve the high net worth investor community. Driven by a growing desire on the part of these investors to maximize control over their investment portfolio, managers who are emerging or who operate with assets under management under the $1B level are finding increased demand for separately managed accounts, or SMAs

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