Investing at The Hedge Fund Saloon Sep26

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An investor strides into the Hedge Fund Saloon and walks up to the bar. The bartender asks “What’ll you have?” The investor replies “Some of that alpha,” so the bartender reaches back for a bottle. Before pouring the bartender says, “this is volatile, but I hear that you feel really good after a while” and pours for the investor, who proceeds to take a full drink and spits it out. “This isn’t alpha, it’s a trend follower. When there are no trends I get killed

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Hedge Fund Investor Trends Seen Through Hedge Connection Platform Jul24

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Founded in 2005, Hedge Connection is New York State-based platform that connects hedge funds and investors online and through events. Through its fund database, the firm offers comprehensive profiles on hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity funds and CTAs completely free of charge. And through its Capital Club, managers can get introduced to investors who belong to the same club

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