Mind The Gap – Lenders Approaching Nov16

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It’s been years since investors have been able to get excited about the term ‘yield’ when referencing their investment portfolio. Too many individuals have been hanging onto cash while searching fruitlessly for somewhere other than equities to put their money to work. Advisors haven’t been much help in this effort either, often acknowledging that, unless and until something interesting presents itself, sidelining a pile of cash might not be the worst plan in prudent money management

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Managing Expectations Jul8

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The line between wealth management and fund management continues to blur for the alternative asset managers who serve the high net worth investor community. Driven by a growing desire on the part of these investors to maximize control over their investment portfolio, managers who are emerging or who operate with assets under management under the $1B level are finding increased demand for separately managed accounts, or SMAs

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Foresight Is Better Than Hindsight Jun6

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The Lake Wobegon Effect—where, according to its creator, Garrison Keillor, ‘all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average’—relates to the tendency to overestimate one’s achievements and capabilities in relation to others. Lake Wobegon seems to be alive and well in the hedge fund industry, where every manager thinks they are above average, despite a wide range of evidence to the contrary

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What Investors Will Ask During an Operational Due Diligence Exam Apr26

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Michael V. Merrigan, Founder & Managing Member Shadmoor Advisors LLC contributes the following post. Shadmoor Advisors will be one of the specialists hosting a table at our Table Talks event in New York on May 2nd. As we approach the event we will be featuring white papers from our various specialists.   Beyond Valuation, Compliance &

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