The Love of the (Returns) Chase Aug26

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Ah! We fickle investors! Pretty soon we’ll probably just have a Tinder app for hedge funds and skip due diligence and asset allocation all together. The app will display only past performance and allocate straight into the limited partnership from your bank account. I smell a unicorn. Swipe right if you agree

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People Call Me A Skeptic (But I Don’t Believe Them) Aug18

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I’m a data nerd. I know it. You know it. It’s not like it’s a big secret. My name is Meredith Jones, and I let my geek flag fly. So it’s no wonder that my nerdy spidey senses tingled late last week and early this week with the release of two new hedge fund studies. The first was eVestment Alliance’s look at small and young funds

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(Humorous) Perspective on the Due Diligence Process Aug11

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After spending some quality time with managers and investors recently, I’ve come to realize that, while they have a lot of respect for one another, they also have a lot of frustration with one another’s due diligence processes. Here’s their thoughts about each other’s due diligence in a (somewhat sarcastic) nutshell.

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Using Performance Exams as Part of Your Pitch Book Strategy Aug6

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In an increasingly competitive capital-raising climate for start-up hedge funds, the use of performance examinations has become more and more common. A performance examination typically takes place when investment managers are considering launching a private fund structure and have traded their investment strategy in a separately managed account, or within their personal trading account.

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