A Medley of Marketing Advice Sep28

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Over the course of many years’ experience in the hedge fund space I have given and heard numerous marketing tips, well beyond the scope of a single article, but would like to share a medley that includes communication advice and traps sourced from institutional investors and long-standing industry professionals’ comments that have been especially well received. As fund managers, service providers and other industry professionals gear up for conferences, networking and capital raising opportunities, all marketers should carefully execute communication strategies and best practices while seeking to avoid common traps that are often overlooked

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Investment Professional Fact & Fiction: The Business Trip Sep18

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It’s funny, but I have a lot of conversations about all the travel I, and my fellow investment professionals, do in the course of our daily lives. For some reason, telling people that you “have” to go to New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Monaco or some other “sexeh” locale puts all sorts of weird ideas into people’s heads. It’s like they think business travel turns you into P-Diddy or something

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