The Q&A That’s DOA (A.K.A. Dead on Arrival) Apr10

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It’s often not what a manager reveals that tells the story, but what the manager leaves out. While all of the examples below involve an active stance, they are prime examples of the avoidance practice embodied in sins of omission. Alternatives investors are particularly incensed when served up one of these communication fails

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Change Management For Fund Managers Feb13

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White collar workers going down office corridor during working day

Looking to the past as a way to gauge the likely direction of the future is a popular exercise in the first quarter of every year. It’s a natural desire for people to want to improve on their personal and professional lives; taking stock of where they are, making changes where needed, and reinforcing good habits. Alternatives managers are no different, and despite some opposing opinions, are people too

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Smile, You Are on Camera: Video Advice for Newbies Nov4

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After arranging and coaching speakers for numerous short videos filmed by Asset TV during two recent Hedge Fund industry conferences – Hedgeopolis in New York and Global Fund Forum in Bermuda – I wanted to share a variety of takeaways including media advice a/k/a speaking tips for newbies. Many of these short videos by industry professionals representing hedge fund managers, allocators, service providers and regulators reflected first time experiences on camera and were unplanned or scheduled on extremely short notice including hours or even minutes in advance. Overall, the presenters stepped up to the challenge remarkably well, especially with very condensed or no media coaching. Whether you are considering this type of opportunity for the first time, planning further videos or completely frightened of the camera lights, my observations and advice are designed to provide useful tips and help you avoid common traps

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Is Your Press Release Newsworthy? Best Practices to Create a Successful Release May20

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Whether you are a first-time author of a press release or seasoned professional, it’s easy to get so carried away as excitement builds over a promotional opportunity that we may easily forget to take a step back and consider the need for a reality check. Before rushing into a PR campaign or crafting a single news announcement on behalf of a hedge fund, asset allocator or service provider to the alternative investment community, consider a rundown or checklist of communication tips and traps highlighted below

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Not The Same Old Investing Lang Syne Jan5

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I love New Year’s Day. It’s a tabula rasa. A wide expanse of pristine sand with no footprints. There are no victories to celebrate (except avoiding Uber surge pricing), but also no defeats. Indeed, on January 1st, my resolutions are strong and, as yet, unbroken. Optimism is high and my natural cynicism has yet to

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