A Positive Outlook for Gold Jan20

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Joe McAlinden, Founder & Chairman of McAlinden Research Partners discusses his outlook for gold prices and advises on how to access gold markets. He comments on a growing interest in gold with the change in administration and explains his bullish position over the next few years.

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Are Collapsing Chinese Equities Just the Tip of the Iceberg?- Interview with a Tudor PM Jan21

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Markets have experienced a significant shift in the last year as QE equity rally seems to have taken a backseat to growing concerns that all is not well in the global investing climate. One major shift that is beginning to play out is the rapidly changing dynamics of China as a global industrial leader and its attempt to become more service oriented economy. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Amit Hampel, a former Portfolio Manager at Tudor and CEO and Chief Market Strategist of Macro Made Simple, LLC, an investment consulting firm that makes clients aware of major macroeconomic shifts and helps them avoid the pitfalls that come with macro event risk.

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