The Capital Club is the best way to connect with allocators. Accepted introductions always conclude with a scheduled phone call with the investor. Use the Radar Screen  Too busy to contact all investors that you want to meet? Instantly save profiles of interest to your Radar Screen for future reference. Check Back in 3 Months… Read more »


This article was written by Gordon G. Andrew. Gordon is a Partner at Andrew + Selikoff Partners   This past September, the well-respected marketing firm, Peppercom, conducted in-depth research involving nearly 300 of the hedge fund industry’s largest firms, to measure how those funds are currently applying standard marketing tools & tactics including websites, social media,… Read more »


By Joe Peta At Novus we’ve examined the performance of many hundreds of hedge funds and we’ve found that, by far, the most important skill to possess is the ability to size positions effectively.  That’s because unlike Exposure Management, and to a lesser degree Security Selection, the ability to size positions efficiently is the most persistent… Read more »


By Joe Peta While funds may attempt to tactically shift their exposure to the market, it’s rarely something they pitch to investors in meetings.  Sit in on virtually any meeting between a PM and potential investors in her fund and you are certain to hear the PM extol the firm’s ability to pick stocks.  They “kick… Read more »