(C) Andertoons   NOTE FROM MJ  – OK, I know I said no more blogs that relate in any way to my dating life, but some comments on my last blog about performance reminded me of this not-so-quaint interlude. I am now officially out of dating mishaps, so read on about the importance of evaluating performance data and rest assured

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Which strategies are currently attracting seed capital? What are some key implications of the Choice Act for private equity managers? How should emerging managers be defined and where should the search lead? What drives the family office investment opportunity set in today’s environment? These timely questions and many more were addressed individually in video interviews published by Asset TV following Hedge Connection events in New York City during June 2017

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Boomers have long been in the trend-setting vanguard of the past half century, with their population dominance shaping the growth of many sectors of the US economy. As the boomers begin to exit the workforce and enter the retirement phase of their lifespan, they will undoubtedly continue to exert outsize influence on the general population.

Financial advisors will need to adapt their services and approaches to keep up with this segment in ways that are focused on these large-scale needs

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