Hedge Fund Assets Could Fall Two-Thirds: UBP    Hedgworld, Pascal Schmuck, Martin de Sa’Pinto free subscription required   I emphasize the final two paragraphs which I find interesting. UBP is/was the largest FOF in the world. They are consolidating managers. One imagines that this is going on across the board.   UBP said in the… Read more »

We recently announced a strategic partnership with Lighthouse Prime Services. We are excited about the opportunity as we are working with a group that recognizes that in order to do “cap-intro” correctly, you need to work with people that are talking to investors every day.      For years, we heard the common refrain that,… Read more »

A marketing challenge for all hedge fund marketers  is how to benchmark performance of a hedge fund strategy.   We have all seen strategies that are allegedly non-correlated benchmark against the S&P or Russell 2k, the Barcleh AG (hat tip to Dealbreaker.com), however, how useful is this?   There are hedge fund indices out there,… Read more »

I pulled out  a couple excerpts below from an obvious but informative piece that recently came across the transom. the email from Hedgeworld hit my inbox as I was hanging up with a Geneva based investor member. A fund of fund that creates portfolios for private banks he felt like he was doing all the… Read more »