Morgan Stanley offers its forecast on the hedge fund AUM trajectory.  From Hedgeworld.        Hedge Fund Assets Seen Down 37% in ’09: Analyst   By Reuters   Monday, January 26, 2009   NEW YORK (Reuters)—Tough times may not be over for a hedge fund business that suffered big losses and saw total assets shrink… Read more »

In keeping in the New Year them of articles suggesting new approaches to hedge fund marketing challenges in 2009. One such article penned by your hosts here at Hedge Connection.       #mce_temp_url# The article raises some excellent checklist items that all funds should be aware of when preparing marketing materials. Opinion: The New World of Hedge… Read more »

Friend of the firm Bruce Frumerman penned a useful article for Hedge World today.  Full copy of the article can be accessed at the link below.     Opinion: Hedge Fund Marketing Challenges in the Recessionary, Post-Madoff Environment (subscription required)   All hedge fund managers will benefit from Frumerman’s clear insightful comments.

Hedge Connection and Investment Management Resources have teamed up to create The Investor Champagne Roundtable Series. Meet over 50* Investors In 2009…guaranteed. As investors begin to reallocate to hedge funds in 2009, managers will need to expand and improve marketing efforts. The difference between marketing success and failure is an ability to meet investors directly,… Read more »