While hard data on the hedge fund industry is hard to come by, it is commonly understood that 50% of single manager money comes from FOFs. According to Hedgeworld, 30% of that 50% is gone, with significant implications for raising new capital. To name a few: – consolidating positions – knock-on redemptions – legitimate concern… Read more »

The Investor Champagne Roundtable Series is how hedge fund managers will get eight sit down meetings with qualified investors in one afternoon.  It is also a chance for select investors to meet many hedge funds at one time.  Watch our trailer below. – - Investors present at our first event were: UBS Hedge Funds Groups,… Read more »

This morning I received a press release from IQ Financial Marketing notifying me of the availability of a free  guide offering 10 tips on hedge fund marketing. As we offer our own marketing tips each month so I was naturally curious.   According to the release, “IQ’s principals, Nancy J. Dennis and Michael H. Greenstein,… Read more »

From 2/11/09 HF Alert:   Expect more of this.  If you are a hedge fund that expected to raise capital exclusively through your prime broker. Time to consider plan b.    Merrill Lynch is the latest prime broker to cancel or scale back a hedge fund conference. Merrill, now part of Bank of America, told clients… Read more »

Back to back events highlighted a busy week for us in New York last week. On Tuesday Hedge Connection’s sister event company Investment Management Resources had it’s 14th Meet the Manager Forum.  Six diverse, and very interesting managers presented their strategies.  We had Ibis Management, Lexington Asset Management, Zebra Capital, Lattice Management, Alpine Associates and… Read more »