I recently attended a hedge fund conference. In a sign of the times the format was a half day and presented in an austere, no frills environment…coincidentally the same room where I was married but that is a subject for another day.

How Pension Placement Agent Exploited Political Ties (Update1) – Bloomberg.com. May 18, 2009   Kudos to Bloomberg to an excellent review of where we are with the placement agent model and the use of the politically connected to  make introductions.   – Apparently the well-connected politically – democrats mostly – have spent their time in… Read more »

HF Alert reports that Goldman Sachs is planning an all-star cap-intro event next week.  They appear to have pulled a page directly from the Live Nation concert playbook.  Instead of taking risks with smaller acts in small venues – LN prefers to book aerosmith, Madonna, Cold Play, U2 pay them well and book ginormous venues…. Read more »

The May 2009 Alpha Magazine features a detailed article on the different web-based hedge fund marketing platforms.   We are pleased with the piece as it accurately describes the benefits of Hedge Connection and features testimonials from our valued members who have experienced success on the site and raised capital.   The site mentions a… Read more »