The May 2009 Alpha Magazine features a detailed article on the different web-based hedge fund marketing platforms.   We are pleased with the piece as it accurately describes the benefits of Hedge Connection and features testimonials from our valued members who have experienced success on the site and raised capital.   The site mentions a… Read more »

  I have been a flurry of press commentary on the accelerated development of the secondary market for hedge fund interests. Since we started Hedge Connection, this has been a sleepy subdivision in Hedge Fund land with HedgeBay driving most of the interest and attention. However, the neighborhood is certainly changing with new entrants – from start-ups… Read more »

Doing a round of spring cleaning and came across some blog posts that I had saved to publish later. If they are relevant then I will post. This one is, so I will.     Reuters Summit: New Opportunity for Would-Be Hedge Fund Investors   Reuters Subscription required     More news from the Reuters… Read more »