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Yes, it’s time for yet another blog in the Hedge Fund Truth Series from Meredith Jones. This time in the form of a well executed video. Lately, it seems that an incredible amount of ire has been directed at hedge funds, fueled by four primary beliefs about the industry

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As much as we like to imagine hackers as psychics, evil geniuses, or Ethan Hunt breaking into Langley, most actual hacking is far different. In reality, perhaps the best analogy of the three is as a psychic. Not a supernatural psychic, but more like a mall psychic: using a combination of basic logic.

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Healthcare stocks have been on a tear recently and have nearly doubled (on average) from January 2013 through March 2015, the date range for this analysis. Looking at the performance of the S&P1500 by industry, Healthcare is the highest-performing sector by a wide margin and shows no signs of cooling

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