Reuters is hosting a hedge fund and private equity forum in London, Singapore and New York. I can’t yet figure out whether it is virtual or happening in real time as it has escaped my conference net. Maybe someone can help.   Regardless, interesting news from the from CQS and Polar Capital.   CQS reports: Client… Read more »

Hedge Fund Assets Could Fall Two-Thirds: UBP    Hedgworld, Pascal Schmuck, Martin de Sa’Pinto free subscription required   I emphasize the final two paragraphs which I find interesting. UBP is/was the largest FOF in the world. They are consolidating managers. One imagines that this is going on across the board.   UBP said in the… Read more »

We recently announced a strategic partnership with Lighthouse Prime Services. We are excited about the opportunity as we are working with a group that recognizes that in order to do “cap-intro” correctly, you need to work with people that are talking to investors every day.      For years, we heard the common refrain that,… Read more »

A marketing challenge for all hedge fund marketers  is how to benchmark performance of a hedge fund strategy.   We have all seen strategies that are allegedly non-correlated benchmark against the S&P or Russell 2k, the Barcleh AG (hat tip to, however, how useful is this?   There are hedge fund indices out there,… Read more »