The Daily Shot 1/14/16: Global Macro Currents Jan14

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Greetings, While economists continue to forecast a pickup in inflation this year, two supposedly “transient” factors are keeping disinflationary pressures intact. 1. The trade-weighted US dollar index continues to climb and is now at the highest level since 2002. 2. The yellow number below is not a typo. Brent crude oil is now firmly below $30/bbl. In

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Are You The Next Blackstone? Don’t Count On It. Oct20

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During an unbelievable number of meetings with investors and managers, I hear the same two refrains: “We’re looking for the next Blackstone.” Or “We think we’re the next Blackstone.” It’s enough to make you wonder if such success is commonplace or if we’re all overreaching just a teeny bit. Well, I’ve shaken my Magic Eight

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Morningstar Reports Hedge Fund Performance for March, Asset Flows Through February May2

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Press release courtesy of our friends at Morningstar. CHICAGO, April 25, 2011—Morningstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: MORN), a leading provider of independent investment research, today reported preliminary hedge fund performance for March 2011 as well as asset flows through February. The Morningstar 1000 Hedge Fund Index, a composite of the largest hedge funds in Morningstar’s database, rose

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Your Story: Pitch by Examples Feb1

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Guest Post: Holly Singer, President of HS Marketing, a firm dedicated to helping firms in the alternative investment community achieve lasting impressions, contributes with to The Final Meeting with marketing advice for hedge fund managers and service providers. Your storyline needs a pitch with real examples. Whether you are a fund manager or a service

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Always Be Marketing: February 2010 Edition Mar11

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In this month’s post I continue to cover the allocations to the larger funds (be patient smaller funds, your time is coming) and the infrastructure characteristics investors look for in funds that attract the biggest/best alternative investors. I also touch on how larger funds have recently put more emphasis on their marketing/investor relations departments. If

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