Managers: Connect Your Boardroom Profile to Your Fund Database Listing Nov21

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For the past few months we have opened up the Boardroom to fund managers. As we enter the next era of Hedge Connection, where the focus is on making connections and integrating all means of social onto our foundation of hedge fund information and events, we invite any qualified person to be part of the… Read more »

80-year ban on private placement advertising has been lifted! Sep23

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Today marks the first official day that federal legislation goes into effect allowing hedge funds to advertise their product publicly.   This means hedge funds, as well as small startups, can begin to advertise their product publically through vehicles such as social media sites, without having to register their shares for public trading. While restrictions… Read more »

Fund Managers and Marketers, What Our New Social Database Means To You Jan25

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The release of Hedge Connection’s new social database gives hedge fund managers and their marketers ways to connect with investors like never before. On the database side of the site, each fund profile now has a Follow button (much like you can Follow a company on LinkedIn) and a Followers area. When an investor clicks… Read more »

Announcing Hedge Connection’s New Social Database Jan17

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We are pleased to announce the release of Hedge Connection’s latest features . We have propelled the traditional hedge fund database into the modern world. Investors can now use the familiar social tools (as found on Twitter, LinkedIn etc) to gain a deeper, more powerful insight into our Morningstar database of thousands of funds. At… Read more »