The Daily Shot 5/6/16: Global Macro Currents May6

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Greetings, We begin with China where a part of the fiscal stimulus has been orchestrated via the state-controlled China Development Bank (CDB). The bank is known for financing large infrastructure projects. Source: Macquarie As discussed yesterday, China’s recent growth has been fueled by credit. With increased liquidity (injected via stimulus – for example above) and

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The Daily Shot 4/15/16: Global Macro Currents Apr15

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Greetings, Let’s begin with China where we see further signs of economic improvement. 1. March industrial output, fixed asset investment, retail sales – all beat expectations. Stimulus starting to work? Source: Source: 2. China’s new loans rose to CNY 1.37 trillion, topping expectations. Credit is flowing. Here is a longer-term chart showing growth

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The Daily Shot: 4/8/16 Global Macro Currents Apr8

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Greetings, Let’s begin with the global financial markets where the risk-off sentiment has returned. Dollar-yen hit 108, which is quickly becoming a disaster for the BoJ – potentially reigniting deflationary pressures. Many anticipate the BoJ to intervene in some fashion to stem the yen appreciation. The rise in yen is viewed as a sign of risk

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Financial Fraud Watch- EB-5 Asset Manager LLC Nov20

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Alexander Brokaw contributes to The Edge on a weekly basis with his posts on the latest frauds perpetrated in the financial industry. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, your wealthy Chinese citizens seeking US residency who bought into a scam promising visas in exchange for investments orchestrated by

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Amendments Would Bar Bass’s Shorts, US Based Euro Fund Crushes Competition, and Funds Add $950m in April Jun10

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Hedged News: A hedge fund run out of Greenwich, Conn., has emerged as one of the top performers this year , hedge funds took in $950m in April, and the House will consider new amendments concerning Kyle Bass’s novel patent review strategy

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