Person or People? Feb23

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I’m a crazy cat lady. Those that know me well in the industry are already clued into that fact. Those that don’t know me well probably at least suspected it. After all, no one can be this sarcastic and inappropriate without spending an inordinate amount of time by herself. What folks may not know is

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Founding Funders? Oct27

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  Founders’ shares generally reduce management fees by up to 50 basis points, while incentive fees may be reduced by up to 5 percent. Founders’ shares are generally offered for a limited time for only early mover investors and are discontinued when a specific asset level or time threshold is passed. Founders’ Shares, and their

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Are You The Next Blackstone? Don’t Count On It. Oct20

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During an unbelievable number of meetings with investors and managers, I hear the same two refrains: “We’re looking for the next Blackstone.” Or “We think we’re the next Blackstone.” It’s enough to make you wonder if such success is commonplace or if we’re all overreaching just a teeny bit. Well, I’ve shaken my Magic Eight

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Invitation to Fund Managers to Claim their Morningstar Powered Account Apr20

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We have recently integrated Hedge Connection with the Morningstar hedge fund database, bringing thousands of additional funds to the platform. This new relationship brings a host of benefits to fund managers, starting with the increased exposure to our own qualified investor base.  Hedge Connection is also offering marketing packages where Morningstar ratings and rankings can

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