FINsearches Q1-14 Investor Allocation Report May2

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FINsearches Q1-14 Investor Allocation Report Each quarter FINsearches will provide an exclusive report to Hedge Connection regarding institutional investors and their allocation strategies. This is the first report: Institutional investors allocated $5.68 billion to various hedge fund and absolute return strategies during the first quarter, an increase of nearly $2 billion over the first quarter… Read more »

Loose Lips Sink Ships, Putin in the Crosshairs, and Priority Mail Apr30

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Do Hedge Funds Trade on Private Information? [STUDY] – ValueWalk How widespread is the transfer of private information between analysts and hedge funds? Is there evidence that hedge funds trade advantageously on this private information? Using quarterly hedge funds holdings, the authors find evidence that large hedge funds traded profitably on upcoming analysts’ recommendation changes… read more… Read more »

Welcome to The Edge Apr3

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Hedge Connection is proud to introduce our redesigned blog, The Edge. As our blog did previously, The Edge will focus primarily on hedge fund marketing and news as well as the evolving dynamic between managers and investors. The blog’s cleaner and more intuitive design should allow for a better user experience. Additionally, some new functions… Read more »

Operational Failure Liability, $3 Trillion AUM, and Cramer on Shorts Mar19

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PR Nightmare? 73% of Investors Say Directors Do Not Serve Useful Function – ThinkAdvisor Corgentum Consulting reported last week that a large majority of investors and operational due diligence analysts surveyed felt directors did not serve a useful function and that hedge funds should be liable for operational failures… Hedge Fund Industry AUM May Top… Read more »