Financial Fraud Watch- Goldman Sach’s Compliance Infiltrated Nov27

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Yue “John” Han, a 30-year old Chinese national, flew out of New York City heading toward Shanghai. Less than two weeks earlier, Han had left a 9-month stint working in Goldman Sachs’ compliance department, where he’d been hired to help build a surveillance analytics system that would help Goldman red-flag improper conduct within the company, like insider trading

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And Nothing But The Truth Video(s) Jul9

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If you’re curious about the truth behind hedge fund failures, correlations and performance, what it’s like to start a hedge fund, why all hedge fund managers are crooks (Hint: they aren’t), or why there’s no one-size-fits-all option in hedge fund fees, you can spend a good 35 minutes watching one of the following seven, short Hedge Fund Truth videos

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