The Daily Shot: 3/10/16 Global Macro Currents Mar10

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Greetings,We begin with the energy markets where the gradual declines in US oil output continue. Source: EIA This is the weekly US crude production compared with the previous year. Let’s continue with  several other developments in the energy markets. 1. US oil imports are no longer declining. Source: EIA 2. Crude oil inventories continue to build. Here

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Hedge Funds or Chicken Nuggets? Is It Time For a Personal Stop Loss? Jan12

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One of my favorite comedic routines of all time comes from fellow Alabama native Roy Wood Jr. Now a regular on The Daily Show, Wood originally did stand-up at various and sundry venues, and made his television debut on Letterman in 2008. Known for prank calls and “you ain’t going to Mars”, Wood’s best work

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Not The Same Old Investing Lang Syne Jan5

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I love New Year’s Day. It’s a tabula rasa. A wide expanse of pristine sand with no footprints. There are no victories to celebrate (except avoiding Uber surge pricing), but also no defeats. Indeed, on January 1st, my resolutions are strong and, as yet, unbroken. Optimism is high and my natural cynicism has yet to

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