Protecting Your Assets: How To Safeguard Your Fund Against Cyber Security Attacks May30

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The following white paper covers everything you NEED to know… Hacks, breaches, stolen data, trade secrets hijacked, privacy violated, ransom demands made; how can you protect your data or your investors’ data in the modern age? Since 1995, the digital age has created a host for you and your clients. Do you have sensitive client… Read more »

How Crime Coverage Can Save Your Directors And Officers/Professional Liability policy. Apr3

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How can crime coverage help protect your directors and officers? Richard A. Maloy, CEO of Maloy Risk Services, looks at professional liability coverage and presents a strong argument for why management companies and funds should incorporate this into their insurance policy. He shares a variety of compelling reasons to include this coverage such as fraudulent… Read more »

What Hedge Fund Managers and Directors Need to Know About Their Liability Mar12

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Richard A. Maloy, Jr, CIC, CRM; CEO of Maloy Risk Services, Inc. has written a white paper discussing the potential liability that managers and directors face today. Some of the key points of the paper include the risk of high cost litigation, Obama’s continued pressure on the financial industry, and regulatory investigations. In this current… Read more »