Babelfish for Hedge Funds Nov24

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Writing headlines is hard. Coming up with something appropriately attention grabbing without veering off into purple prose is a serious skill. I, myself, occasionally have moments of headline genius, but often times wind up more in the land of “huh?” And I know it’s not just me. After all, the Washington Post just gave us this

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Founding Funders? Oct27

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  Founders’ shares generally reduce management fees by up to 50 basis points, while incentive fees may be reduced by up to 5 percent. Founders’ shares are generally offered for a limited time for only early mover investors and are discontinued when a specific asset level or time threshold is passed. Founders’ Shares, and their

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Are You The Next Blackstone? Don’t Count On It. Oct20

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During an unbelievable number of meetings with investors and managers, I hear the same two refrains: “We’re looking for the next Blackstone.” Or “We think we’re the next Blackstone.” It’s enough to make you wonder if such success is commonplace or if we’re all overreaching just a teeny bit. Well, I’ve shaken my Magic Eight

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