Long-term M&A Cycle Creates Opportunity in Banking Industry Mar21

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  Long-term M&A Cycle Creates Opportunity in Banking Industry.. (1) While this white paper was written in 2012, it still holds relevant as the consolidation in the banking space, particularly among smaller US community and regional banks, is alive and well and expected to play out in the coming years. It should be noted that

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What Hedge Fund Managers and Directors Need to Know About Their Liability Mar12

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Richard A. Maloy, Jr, CIC, CRM; CEO of Maloy Risk Services, Inc. has written a white paper discussing the potential liability that managers and directors face today. Some of the key points of the paper include the risk of high cost litigation, Obama’s continued pressure on the financial industry, and regulatory investigations. In this current

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Understanding Investor Due Diligence Jan13

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Guest white paper by Patrick J. McCurdy of Merlin Securities — The investor due diligence process has evolved with the growth of the hedge fund industry. What was once a short and rather perfunctory process has grown into one which today is highly quantitative and detailed. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for investors, one

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The Importance Of Business Process Maturity And Automation In Running A Hedge Fund Sep7

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By Ron Suber, Merlin Securities — The business landscape has changed dramatically for both hedge fund managers and investors as we enter year end and an even greater risk and regulatory environment. In addition, these volatile markets along with a correlated trading cycle has made reliable, automated processes essential components to running an efficient hedge

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The Perception Problem with “Returns” Jun6

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Guest Post: Charles Gradante, Managing Principal at Hennessee Group shares the white page The Perception Problem with “Returns” – Equity Market Pundits and Real Returns. Rarely do equity market pundits focus on real performance returns (nominal returns less core inflation). Reporting nominalreturns, rather than real returns, is the standard of measurement for the media. However, it can be

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