All The News That Was Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn’t) Dec29

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As y’all recover from the excesses of fried turkeys, stuffed stockings, too much ‘nog and an overdose of family time, it seems like a good time to catch up on some light reading. So, in case you missed them, here are my 2015 blogs arranged by topic so you can sneak in some snark before

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Keen Delight in the Misfortune of Hedge Funds…And Me Dec8

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I couldn’t face the same old Thanksgiving this year. Another tryptophan-laced orgy of food combined with marathon cleaning sessions before and after the big event, someone arriving with undisclosed food allergies, red wine on the carpet, cats eating the centerpiece and leftovers I have to look at with the dull eyes of the long married

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Babelfish for Hedge Funds Nov24

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Writing headlines is hard. Coming up with something appropriately attention grabbing without veering off into purple prose is a serious skill. I, myself, occasionally have moments of headline genius, but often times wind up more in the land of “huh?” And I know it’s not just me. After all, the Washington Post just gave us this

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Founding Funders? Oct27

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  Founders’ shares generally reduce management fees by up to 50 basis points, while incentive fees may be reduced by up to 5 percent. Founders’ shares are generally offered for a limited time for only early mover investors and are discontinued when a specific asset level or time threshold is passed. Founders’ Shares, and their

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