In Praise of Very Good Dogs Mar28

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A number (maybe 15 or so) of years ago, when I first emerged on the speaking circuit, I gave a talk about hedge funds to a CFA society in Texas. I presented an hour of education on the topic, touching on everything from Long Term Capital Management and blow up risk to fee structures, performance, asset allocation and portfolio construction benefits. At the conclusion of my formal remarks, I took a few audience questions

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The Path to Prosperity: Investing in Education Jul5

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The investment opportunity for the lower middle-market, moderately sized, well-established, owner-operated education sector businesses with $1-10 million in EBITDA far outperform the R.O.I of the publicly traded stocks and should exceed 100% annually. The paucity of market information for investors in this lower middle-market and the lack of comprehension of how to maximize profitability and market for-profit education in a new technological environment by owners provides astute activist investors with unique yield opportunities

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