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Front Running the “Flash Boys” Controversy – Barrons

A wise man once said, “Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch”, or in this case makes the trade. It appears that some investors knew in advance about Michael Lewis’s 60 Minutes segment on his new book, ‘Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt’ detailing high-frequency trading and front running.  The segment itself, and the announcement of a possible FBI investigation surrounding high-frequency trading, was preceded by “unusual” trading activity in NDAQ Puts. Stay tuned…

Roller CoasterActivist Investing – MarketWatch

Be it Twitter campaigns, coordinated CEO replacements, recommended spinoffs, forced sales, or any other of a number of ways that activist investors become “active”, activist investing is here to stay.  It may not be pretty, but the one-two-three punch of the ALI’s (Ackman, Loeb, and Icahn), among others, have shown to have both staying power and success

Fear and Loathing Volatility – Barrons

While 2012-2013 was a highly lucrative year for traders specializing in market volatility, the future does not seem so bright. One of the most popular exchange-traded products, the XIV, saw returns of 159% and 105% in 2012 and 2013, respectively. But 2014 has seen a stark reversal in gains as “sellers” of market volatility have disappeared…

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