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Hedge Connection is proud to introduce our redesigned blog, The Edge.

As our blog did previously, The Edge will focus primarily on hedge fund marketing and news as well as the evolving dynamic between managers and investors. The blog’s cleaner and more intuitive design should allow for a better user experience. Additionally, some new functions will ensure that users can quickly find and access posts that are relevant to them.

The Edge will continue to be a vehicle for insight and advice to better inform our readers and members of Hedge Connection. It will focus on newsworthy events in the hedge fund industry, original content from thought-leaders, as well as pertinent information regarding members of the Hedge Connection community. We plan to make our content timely, relevant, and useful to you on an ongoing basis. We will focus on contributors at large and the news media as well as Executives in Hedge Connection’s Boardroom for original content.

Hedge Connection has built a large investment community which utilizes the latest technology to power our innovative platform and social database. Our goal is to facilitate networking between fund managers seeking investments and investors looking to invest in particular funds. Our weekly newsletter, Heard in the Boardroom, is delivered by email every Friday and highlights several funds as well as activity in the Boardroom, industry news, and a featured white paper. We also rely on social media like LinkedIn and Twitter, and of course this blog, to further inform investors and managers.

We continue to build a robust online presence leading up to our Global Fund Forum, 2014 in June. While we have built the leading facilitator of online networking for hedge funds and investors, we understand the value of human interaction in the industry and have created the Global Fund Forum to compliment our vision of relationship building with this live one-on-one networking event. See the Global Fund Forum for more information on this unique event or to register.

Peter Hegener is the new Editor in Chief and he is busy adding to the list of experts to post white papers, in depth industry analysis, and other areas of content on The Edge as well as our weekly newsletter, Heard in the Boardroom. If you have industry relevant content or would like to write for the blog we would love to hear from you now.

Welcome to The Edge!


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