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We are very excited about the upcoming event and we have a great group of people attending. The focus of the Global Fund Forum is one-on-one meetings between hedge funds and allocators, and our online meeting scheduler will be used to arrange these meetings.

Login now –

The meeting scheduler sits on the Hedge Connection website, where your profile has been set up. You will need you Hedge Connection login credentials to access. If you have issues logging into the site, either use the Forgot Password function, or contact and we will send them to you.

Please note, we do not recommend loading up your whole schedule right away. Leave room for others to make requests to you, and for the participants that have yet to register – we are still 3 weeks out.


  • Once logged into Hedge Connection, look for Global Fund Forum Meeting Scheduler in the main navigation – click to access the scheduler and the Forum Participants.
  • The sub-navigation My Schedule has a calendar of your two days of the event. You will notice certain times blocked off, this is simply to align with the Forum’s agenda.
  • Pending Meeting requests will display on your My Schedule page until they are accepted or declined.
  • To request a meeting, simply click on the recipients calendar in an Available slot. Slots will be shown as Unavailable if either the recipient or you have a meeting already scheduled – the system will cross-reference your schedule with the one you are viewing.
  • Please respond to Meeting Requests in a timely matter. It is disrespectful to leave the sender hanging.
  • You may receive multiple requests for the same time slot.
  • You cannot request more than one meeting for the same time slot.
  • Meetings are booked in 30 time slots. If you would like to schedule more time, request back to back meetings.


  • Don’t request meetings for all your time slots right away. Leave room for others to make requests to you, and for the participants that have yet to register.
  • While requesting a meeting, use the Message area to write a little about yourself.
  • Meeting requests and Messages are pushed to the recipients email and stored in the online scheduler Inbox
  • After making a Meeting Request, that time slot on your calendar will display as Unavailable.
  • We will have both Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) apps available for the event

Login into the meeting scheduler now –

If you need any assistance, contact the Global Fund Forum events team at

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