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Icahn bought $51 mln in Fannie, Freddie shares – filing

Activist investor Carl Icahn acquired about $51 million in the common shares of mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from mutual fund manager Fairholme Funds Inc in March, a court filing showed on Tuesday. Via Reuters


The Moat, the Millions and the $50 Timex Watch

The fascinating story of two brothers, one a have and one a have a lot more (think hedge fund). After the death of their father, and the effects of sudden and huge, but one-sided financial success, the brothers wrestle, literally, from each other memories of their father and their own childhood.  Via The New York Times

Fears of Buyers and Sellers

Often the price battle between buyers and sellers is described as the battle between fear and greed. I see the conflict as being between two vastly different sets of fears, with very little greed involved. The focus is not whether the proverbial glass is half full but, rather, what forces will change the water level? Via Valuewalk

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