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Popular Stocks Hedge Funds Are Buying

Now that virtually everyone has figured out what we first said in 2012, namely that in the New bizarro Normal, the best trading strategy – the only way to generate alpha in a world in which hedge funds no longer can – is going long a basket of the most shorted names, one has to wonder how any hedge fund replicating, 13F-chasing service can remain in business.   Via


As Hedge Funds Go Retail, Communications Is Key

The past two years have seen an explosion in the number of hedge fund managers rolling out long-only vehicles, all looking to participate in the rapidly-growing demand for “liquid alternatives” products. But launching a 40 Act fund is not a simple process. The list of concerns includes a demanding compliance regime, including tackling regulatory issues, back office set-up, and shareholder reporting requirements, in addition to putting in the technology needed to support it all.  Via FinAlternatives

Hedge funds and soap manufacturers

There are now approximately 14,000 hedge funds in the marketplace. To say that things have gotten a little cluttered is an understatement. This represents a challenge to both managers and institutional investors: how does an investor decide which long/short equity manager to allocate to? And at the same time how does that manager get themselves noticed?   Via




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