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We are very excited to announce that Hedge Connection is now hosting manager videos. Last month at the Global Fund Forum our friends at Meyler Capital took aside several of the participating fund managers and interviewed them. The quality of the videos is fantastic and they are a welcome addition to the site. Investors will now be able to put a face on a portfolio manager and hear them speak passionately on their work.

All videos are hosted by Hedge Connection and can only be viewed by our members that meet the legal investor qualifications.

The videos are the latest addition to our Boardroom Library (login required) which also hosts investors letters, white papers and other documents posted by our members. In addition to being posted in the Library, the interviews can be found on a new Video tab on the profiles of funds that have provided them.

Fund managers that may already have their own video can contact us for more information on posting video to their fund profile on Hedge Connection.

Fund managers that are interested in previewing the quality of Meyler Capital’s work can view the video below of Jack Seibald discussing his firm Concept Capital Markets, LLC.

About Meyler Capital

Meyler Capital uses engaging messaging and creative marketing tools to help build credibility and relevance.  Video is an important component of this because people invest in people that they trust.  “Text cannot capture the charisma and passion that you bring to your business like video can,” according to Kyle Dunn, CEO and Founder.  “It creates valuable analytics and helps to put you into a downhill conversations when you get into the room with an investor.”

Meyler Capital contact:

JD David

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