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Where Have All The Predators Gone? Hedge Funds Poised For A Come-Back

Over the past five years there has been precious little talk about hedge funds. Unlike Bitcoins, biotech or social media investments, hedge funds are certainly not fashionable or headline grabbing. Yet we believe that hedge funds are poised to rediscover their place in the investment ecosystem. Here’s why… Via

Giovanni de Francisci: The “Unconventional” Hedge Fund Investor

Giovanni de Francisci is the portfolio manager of the Petschek Family office in Monaco, and in many ways an unconventional hedge fund investor. This backstage video is a rare document on the preferences and investment philosophy that drives certain private family offices who typically tend to stay off the record.   Via



New Website Tracks Prominent Short Selling Activists

When the financial history books are written, 2014 could be characterized as the year of the aggressive activist hedge fund manager. Into the often aggressive and sometimes brutal fray comes a new service that allows interested parties to track the activist hedge funds short selling, providing the ability to monitor, benchmark and analyze their tactics. The Activist Shorts (subscription) web site, targeted towards a professional audience, allows users to track the action to a new level.   Via


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