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Daily Intelligence Briefing August 12, 2014


Ukraine’s currency has been a reliable real-time indicator of regional tensions. Back in February, the hryvnia plunged sharply as Russia’s “little green men” took control of Crimea and Moscow reneged on a loan package made to the prior president who had just fled Kiev. The currency stabilized after the US and EU stepped in with their own loan guarantees.

In April, the currency plunged again as pro-Russian separatists took control of wide swathes of the eastern province, with the apparent participation of Russian operatives and a massive build-up of Russian troops just across the border. The currency stabilized with another funding package put together by the IMF. Now the currency is in free fall again as tensions rise. Nato’s secretary general says there’s a “high probability” of an attack and Ukraine has increased its estimates of Russian troops along the border. Russia is sending 300 trucks on a humanitarian aid mission to eastern Ukraine, although a suspicious Ukraine is threatening to block the convoys. As these events unfold, Ukraine’s currency continues to fall despite repeated interventions by its central bank.

Today’s Issue Cluster: Ukraine

  • Russia’s food ban includes non-EU’s Norwegian fish … a boon for Chile’s fish farms
  • The EU is holding talks with South American countries about sanctions-busting … Brazil is already opening 90 new meat plants
  • Russia says it can offset US/EU sanctions on oil and fracking technology with Asian equipment … analysts are downgrading oil forecasts anyway
  • Russia’s working age population will be decimated in the next decade
  • Russia’s stock market has been trading at discount to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index for the last decade
  • Ukraine’s hyrvnia is at an all-time low: repeated central bank intervention has been less effectual than possible Russian intervention
UKRAINE’S CURRENCY IS PLUNGING TO NEW LOWS Source: Bloomberg, McAlinden Research


Best of the Rest

Apparel –  Bangladesh’s garment factories have yet to make safety improvements

Oil –  Alaska oil production is down 75% since the 1980s peak

Oil –  Brazil’s deep sea output is up 300% since 2012

Here’s MRP’s latest monitors: MacroSector and Country


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EU – OECD Indicators Point to Slowdown in Germany

The OECD leading indicator suggests the German economy may not pick up again soon, a prospect that runs counter to recent German government projections for an improvement … The OECD said its leading indicators for France and Italy continue to point to stronger growth, as they have for a number of months. However, those pickups have yet to materialize, leaving Spain as the only major euro-zone economy to see a significant acceleration in recent quarters.  WSJ  *

EU – Election exposes deep divisions in Sweden

The favourites to win next month’s general election in Sweden are planning to reverse course on the current government’s economic reforms by limiting private equity involvement in the public sector, raising taxes and boosting spending…. With five weeks to go until polling day the opposition parties of the left have a healthy lead over the ruling centre-right coalition…. The centre-right like to point to the fact that Sweden has enjoyed faster economic growth than the US and nearly all European countries, while its employment rate is the highest in the EU. But the centre-left counters that unemployment has remained stubbornly high at 8 per cent ever since the financial crisis while a budget deficit of 1.1 per cent last year – while modest by European standards – is the biggest since 2002 in Sweden.  FT

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