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Asia’s Best-Performing Macro Hedge Fund Hits $1 Billion Mark

Quantedge Global Fund, Asia’s best-performing macro hedge fund, said it has increased its assets to more than $1 billion, joining the ranks of the region’s biggest funds. Quantedge, which started with $3 million in October 2006, has increased its assets under management to $1.05 billion at the end of June, the fund’s Singapore-based management company Quantedge Capital Pte said yesterday in an e-mailed response to queries by Bloomberg News.   Via Bloomberg


Hedge-Fund Director Bonuses Drop 94% as Returns Decline

Bonuses for hedge-fund employees in London have dropped by 94 percent since 2012 as returns in the industry declined, according to a salary-data provider. The average bonus for directors, or mid-level employees, plummeted to 8,000 pounds ($13,300) this year from 40,000 pounds last year and 135,000 pounds in 2012, said in a statement today.   Via Bloomberg

The Algorithm Scam

An algorithm is defined as a set of detailed instructions that result in a predictable end-state from a known beginning. The discovery of an algorithm that would consistently generate outsized returns would be the holy grail of investing. The individual who came up with such an algorithm and published the methodology in a peer-reviewed journal would be a serious candidate for the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. To date, no one has done so.   Via


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