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I recently attended the World LatAm conference in Miami. The turn out was great the first day and a half which was surprising due to the state of the Markets in both the US and Latin America. The Conference focused around Hedge Funds investing in Latin America and the future of these markets. 


I found the majority of the speakers, especially Edward Altman (Professor from NYU) and Claudio Marchetto (Investor Relations at Paulson & Co) very informative about what is going on in the US/Latin American markets. Both of these speakers focused on the positives and negatives of investing in Latin American countries where the governments are not as stable as other countries that offer similar investment opportunities. They also touched on our banking crisis in America and the over leveraging of banks in the US compared to banks in Europe. I personally was not aware of the over leveraging that’s occurring in the European Banks which is substantially greater than the US. 


The unfortunate part of the conference was the Hedge Funds from Brazil who were presenting during these 2 days. These funds had the misfortune of presenting at a time when the Brazilian stock market was dropping 15% and many joked about how they wished the conference was a week or so prior to this week. I guess this lightened things up for a bit, but not much. 


If anyone has any additional questions about the conference, please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to share more information about the conference with you.

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