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Happy New Year!

If there is one thing I am sure about, it is that the hedge fund industry is not going away. That is clear.  Even with all of the problems this industry faced last year, hedge funds still outperformed long only funds and added the much-desired alpha to many portfolios. The best and the brightest will continue to grow and Darwinism will take those who have no place in this industry and burry them forever.

As all businesses should be doing at the beginning of the New Year, Hedge Connection is redefining who we are, what we do and how we can add value to our customers.  The areas where we think will affect our clients this year relate to compliance and new SEC regulations that will be imposed on the industry.  In light of this focus, we have proactively made strategic partnerships with two important compliance offerings that will help hedge funds deal with the new scrutiny that will be placed on them this year and going forward.


The first partnership is with Bowne, the oldest company on the NYSE. Hedge Connection will be marketing Bowne’s new secured delivery system called Privet.  Privet lets users track when documents are sent, when they are opened and who reviews them. This is a robust tool that will help with SEC audits as well as a great marketing tool that lets a marketing professional know exactly when and if a presentation was opened and viewed.


We have also have partnered with JG Advisors.  Judith Gross has created a software tool called PWG TechCheckPWG TechCheck is a scored self-assessment tool for asset managers based on the guidelines set forth in the Best Practices Report issued by the Asset Managers’ Committee to the President’s Working Group (PWG) on Financial Markets. PWG TechCheck also cross-references to the European Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB) best practices report and may allow you to sign on with confidence at the end of the assessment process. Complete PWG TechCheck and see clearly how your hedge fund group stacks up.  For a small user fee a fund can utilize this tool for 3 months and generate a PDF that shows results. This PDF can be used as a marketing piece and as a self-assessment and due diligence tool.

If you have interest in either compliance product, please contact us to receive Hedge Connection’s special partner rate code.

Hedge Connection has also redefined who we are. We are no longer simply a website that gives users access to online information. We are a full service turn-key marketing solution.  We offer packages to help create a robust marketing program that includes on line exposure and access to investors, access to live events and marketing consulting.  Please contact us if you are serious about augmenting your marketing program this year.

Stay tuned for the announcement of other strategic partnerships. We have some exciting things in the works and we look forward to continued success this year!

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