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Daily Intelligence Briefing – April 18, 2017


The development of autonomous vehicles is accelerating, with big auto and silicon valley either competing or collaborating to get there first. Google (now Waymo), Apple, General Motors, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Ford, and Volvo, among others, are racing to bring to market self-driving vehicles that will redefine our relationship with automobiles and the transportation industry in general. Most of these players expect to have fully self-driving cars in production by 2020-2021. In the U.S. alone, 25% of all miles driven will be covered in self-driving cars by 2030, according to the Boston Consulti ng Group.

As AV technology develops, many industries including fast food, real estate, hotels, and airlines will experience shifting business models as new opportunities and consumer expectations evolve. Other industries and some job categories will be entirely wiped out. Even our physical landscape will be transformed. It is creative destruction at its best. Here are 21 industries, other than autos, that driverless cars will turn upside down.

ALSO, here are some articles that highlight recent developments in the industry: (each article is summarized here)

  • AVs – Caterpillar’s driverless dumpsters drive disruption in Australian mines 
  • AVs – Don’t Worry, Driverless Cars Are Learning From Grand Theft Auto 
  • AVs – Big Fuel Savings From Autonomous Vehicles 
  • AVs – 3 things every entrepreneur should know about autonomous vehicles 
  • AVs – Self-driving ‘arms race’ complicates supplier alliances 
  • AVs – Vietnam’s FPT looks to put self-driving cars on Asian roads 
  • AVs – Apple Secures Permit to Test Autonomous Vehicles in California 
  • AVs – When car ownership fades, this parking garage will be ready for its next life 
  • AVs – US Air Force Successfully Trials Autonomous F-16s in Combat Situations 
  • AVs – Hyundai Says Superfast 5G Networks For True Autonomous Driving Are At Least A Decade Away 
  • AVs – GM’s Cruise Automation autonomous-driving subsidiary is about to grow  
  • AVs in China – FAW Jiefang’s automatic driverless truck will be ‘commercially available by 2018’  
  • AVs in Japan – Yamato Transport, DeNA start driverless delivery experiment 
  • CHART: Automotive 2.0: The new road ahead to autonomous vehicles and their applications  

CHART: There is no pureplay ETF on autonomous vehicles so the chart shows two ETFs to provide some perspective.

  • CARZ tracks the market cap-weighted NASDAQ OMX Global Auto Index, which is composed of global automakers, and includes nearly all the major auto manufacturers worldwide.
  • ARKQ invests in companies likely to benefit from advancements in autonomous vehicles. Related software, semiconductor, and automobile companies combine to account for approximately 60% of the portfolio assets. However, the ETF also includes companies involved in robotics, 3D printing, and energy storage technology.

FURTHERMORE, here are some companies that are involved in the development of autonomous vehicles:

  • License & Development: AAPL, BIDU, GOOGL
  • Auto Manufacturers: TSLA; TM; F; HMC; GM; FCAU; VOLVB; BMW; DAI.XE
  • Semiconductors : STM; NXPI; INVN; INTC
  • Communication & Mobility: NVDA; DLPH; MBLY; ALV; SWIR; AMT; QCOM; SWIR; NAV; CSCO
  • Mapping: NOK
  • Cargo Autonomy: JBHT

OTHER STORIES HIGHLIGHTED IN TODAY’S DIBS: (Summaries for these articles are in today’s FULL DIBs report HERE)

  • Markets: 
    • Stocks – Tech Stocks in Malaysia Hit 10-Year High, Buoyed by Chip Boom  B
    • Stocks – U.S. defense stocks easily outperform the broader market  MW
  • Politics and Policy: 
    • Brexit – Britain to lose two key EU agencies within weeks DW
    • Turkey – Turkey’s referendum result could scare off investors DW
  • Finance:  
    • Insurance – Cyber Insurance Becomes a Must for More Manufacturers WSJ
  • Commodities: 
    • Gas – Blackstone Bets There’s Gas Money to Be Made in the Oil Patch B  
    • Agriculture – World’s Nutrient-Poor Farms Get a Vitamin Boost From Zinc Mines  B 
  • Endnote: 
    • Automotive 2.0: The new road ahead to autonomous vehicles and their applications  RW  

MRP Reports:

Current Themes: 

  • Long Aerospace and Defense
  • Long Homebuilders
  • Long Gold
  • Long Value over Growth
  • Long U.S. Energy
  • Long Oil Services and Equipment
  • Long CAPEX
  • Long Steel
  • Long Emerging Markets 
  • Long Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) & Short Long-Dates Treasuries
  • Long Coffee
  • Long Financials
  • Long Regional Banks
  • Long Cybersecurity

About the DIBs: MRP focuses on identifying transformational change in the global economy and offering an investment thesis whenever an opportunity arises that has not yet been recognized by the market. The DIBs are MRP’s compilation of articles and data from multiple sources on subjects reflecting disruptive change that have potential investment implications for an industry or group of securities. We share these with our clients who may already have or may be considering exposure in the industries affected. The subjects change daily and constitute an excellent update on featured topics. Every day, the DIBs also include links to MRP’s MARKET VIEWPOINT, THEME TRACKER and MACRO MONITOR. 

  • United States, Housing Starts, MoM, MAR: 1.215 M from prior 1.288 M
  • United States, Redbook, YoY, 15/APR: 2.3% from prior 1.6%
  • United States, Industrial Production – Production, MoM, MAR: 0.5% from prior 0.1%
  • Saudi Arabia, Inflation Rate, YoY, MAR: -0.4% from prior -0.1%
  • Russia Federation, PPI, YoY, MAR: 11.3% from prior 15.1%
  • Russian Federation, Retail Sales, YoY, MAR: -0.4% from prior -2.8%
  • Russian Federation, Unemployment Rate, MAR: 5.4% from prior 5.6%
  • Russian Federation, Real Wage Growth, YoY, MAR: 1.5% from prior 1% 


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