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It seems as if everyone has been pretty focused on Tweets, hashtags, and the general dumbing down and coarsening of communication of late. So I thought this week I’d inject a little culture into my investment blog. What if investors and fund managers could only think or talk in Haiku? The sentiments would likely remain the same, but the delivery might be much more civilized. So here you go: investor and manager haikus. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Investor Haikus

Seasons change, my phone
Keeps ringing. The same number
Calls. Persistent funds.


Not the best idea
To use diligence checklist
On the kids’ playdates.


Must I disclose this
Doughnut to compliance or
Can I eat it all?


Can’t wait to discuss
Fees with the trustees at our
Next board meeting. Yay.


I don’t want to shake
Hands while grabbing paper towels
In the bathroom. Gross.


Manager Haikus

Fall becomes Winter,
And I find myself stuck in
Endless diligence.


Performance is great!
This sector is hot! So why
Don’t people subscribe?


Do you want info
On my investment fund? No?
Maybe tomorrow?


Families, pensions,
High net worth peeps, endowments.
Lather, Rinse, repeat.


Competitive edge?
It’s our process and people!
Oh. You’ve heard that one.


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