Financial Fraud Watch- Coastal Investment Advisors Oct23

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Alexander Brokaw contributes to The Edge on a weekly basis with his posts on the latest frauds perpetrated in the financial industry.   For a few years there, Michael Donnelly was living the life. He ran a Wilmington, Delaware-based investment advisory firm, and he was making enough money to pay for his rent, his car

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Swingers & The Art of Investor Communication Jun23

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While some managers react to slow moving capital-raising cycles by reducing or ceasing all communication (bad idea!), others move too far in the other direction, potentially killing (hopefully just figuratively) their prospects with emails, letters, calls, etc. But there is a happy medium for investor communication if you follow these simple guidelines.

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Using Email Effectively to Enhance Investor Relations Jul13

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Guest Post: Holly Singer, President of HS Marketing, a firm dedicated to helping firms in the alternative investment community achieve lasting impressions, contributes with to The Final Meeting with marketing advice for hedge fund managers and service providers. Personal relationships with eye-to-eye contact may be considered so important to building trust that our clients often

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