The Power of Privilege: Caspersen and Madoff Abused It, But Investors are Taking it Back Apr15

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The unraveling of Andrew Caspersen is alarming not only because of the amount of money Caspersen schemed out of friends, family and investors ($95 million and counting) but also that someone from such a perceived high perch (Ivy league schools; prominent wealthy family) would commit such a crime. The SEC filed civil charges, DOJ filed a criminal case and Caspersen, while silent on the matter to date, spent a few days in a hospital (no word yet on how many days he will spend in jail). Once the smoke clears, the Caspersen debacle will reveal one major shift in the last five years: investors are more empowered than ever before

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Delaying Volcker, MIT Prof. Pleads Guilty (Video), and a New SEC Examination Aug13

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Banks push US Fed to delay Volcker Rule: WSJ Banks are lobbying U.S. policy makers for a delay of up to seven years from a provision requiring them to sell investments in private-equity and venture-capital funds, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Bank officials, trade groups and lawmakers are quietly pressing the

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