Networking is the focus of the conference with each day dedicated to one-on-one meetings between investors and fund managers. Thousands of direct meetings will take place over the three day event.

The meetings will be arranged prior to the Forum on the Hedge Connection website using our scheduling technology. Each participant will complete a profile that will be posted on Hedge Connectionís private website. Managers will complete a fund profile with a description of strategy, bios, performance numbers and marketing materials. Investors will answer questions that describe what they require before making an investment.

Using the meeting scheduler, investors and fund managers can research participants, communicate and set up one-on-one meetings based on their unique profiles and objectives.

Meetings will take place in 30 minute increments, with one manager hosting one investor per meeting. On the conference floor, each manager will receive their own Forum Suite for hosting private meetings.

20 one-on-one meetings can be scheduled over the course of the three days.

During lunch and dinner, networking opportunities will be hosted by our sponsors. Cocktail parties, and night time entertainment offer informal occasions for attendees to connect.

Both investors and fund managers are required to submit an application prior to attending. Upon review, attendees will be notified of their participation and be invited to complete a profile on Hedge Connection.