No Quick Fix Jan26

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Because of the research I’ve done on gender and investing, and, let’s face it, because I am an opinionated and often colorful commentator on all things investing, I get asked one question a lot. What can we do to fix the gender imbalance in investing? I think some people expect me to come up with

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Not The Same Old Investing Lang Syne Jan5

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I love New Year’s Day. It’s a tabula rasa. A wide expanse of pristine sand with no footprints. There are no victories to celebrate (except avoiding Uber surge pricing), but also no defeats. Indeed, on January 1st, my resolutions are strong and, as yet, unbroken. Optimism is high and my natural cynicism has yet to

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People Call Me A Skeptic (But I Don’t Believe Them) Aug18

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I’m a data nerd. I know it. You know it. It’s not like it’s a big secret. My name is Meredith Jones, and I let my geek flag fly. So it’s no wonder that my nerdy spidey senses tingled late last week and early this week with the release of two new hedge fund studies. The first was eVestment Alliance’s look at small and young funds

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