(Not So) Fast Times at Hedge Fund High Nov17

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Those of you that have heard me speak on more than one occasion have probably heard me utter the phrase “Investing in emerging managers is like sex in high school. Lots of talk, very little action.” In full disclosure, Jim Dunn of Verger was the first to utter those words, but they are so apropos

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Single Family Office And The Ultimate Wealth and Legacy Protector Aug19

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The vast majority of the more than 56,500 families around the world with net worth of $100 million and up and more than 16,500 with upwards
of $250 million have yet to create a single family office (SFO). Many families understand that SFOs provide the ultimate in privacy, control and customization. Their resistance to creating one often stems from a mistaken belief that SFOs are exorbitantly expensive to operate than outsourced investing and other services

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(Humorous) Perspective on the Due Diligence Process Aug11

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After spending some quality time with managers and investors recently, I’ve come to realize that, while they have a lot of respect for one another, they also have a lot of frustration with one another’s due diligence processes. Here’s their thoughts about each other’s due diligence in a (somewhat sarcastic) nutshell.

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