Asset Raising While Diverse Dec4

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Many of the fund managers I speak to remain conflicted about how best to position their diverse asset management firm. While I don’t have all the answers, perhaps I can help shed a little light on the topic for folks. Read this while you’re thinking about your capital raising battle plans for 2019. And may it help you separate who’s been naughty and nice, whose chimney you should visit and whose you should skip in the New Year

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The 5 Types of Investors You Meet Capital Raising May11

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I’d like to think I’m not big into snap judgements, but a recent trip to the left coast in super-glamorous coach showed me that I’m completely full of it on that front. As I sat in my window seat waiting for my fellow fliers to board, I quickly sized up each and every passenger as they came down the aisle to determine whether they were someone I wanted to share air (and an armrest) with for the next four hours

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What Family Offices Want From Alternatives Managers Feb23

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Competition within the alternatives sector for family office investments is at an all-time high, as these investors get more comfortable with the range of assets available to them and their general understanding of alternatives rises. Fund managers want to win these wealthy investors over, but often find they are unsure of how best to pursue them. The family office client is increasingly demanding a more tailored approach to wooing them over. Managers who can adapt their prospecting tactics stand a better chance of winning a partnership with these prized investors

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The Family Office: Hiding-Almost-in Plain Sight Dec14

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For the two to three thousand proper single family offices, or SFOs, that dot the US, remaining a mystery suits them just fine. Playing hard to get adds an element of allure and an extra layer of insulation against purveyors of all sorts of goods and services. For the hordes of wealth and fund managers, insurance advisors, genealogy film makers, private aircraft and yacht brokers, it is like a game of cat and mouse. Of course, some of the wealthy want to be caught and truly value the imposition of new ideas, strategies, and products these people seek to share. But creating an effective strategy to sell to the SFO is tricky and usually frustrating

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