Your Fund Is Grossing Me Out! Jun6

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I was roughly 13 years old when I fell for Nicolas Cage in Valley Girl. Between the Modern English montage of soda sharing and late-night phone calls (on corded phones and pay phones!) and the bitchin’ clothes and slang, my tweenage heart sang just a little for Hollywood punk Randy.  In fact, if not for that movie, I doubt the phrases “Tubular!” and “Gag me with a spoon” would have ever made an appearance in my semi-rural Alabama hometown, even if the latter is what Northerners often think out loud when trying grits for the first time

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What Aren’t They Saying- Unspoken Investor Feedback Jan28

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Pitching to investors can be an unnerving process even for sales professionals. No one wants to be in the position of needing someone to buy in, literally, to what they are selling, in order to stay alive in business. Yet for most fund managers, this is exactly what is required of the pitching effort: no convincing, no capital, and soon, no fund. Regardless of investment specifics, potential pitch mishaps exist which cause investors to lose interest and focus. Knowing the issues that trigger investor ennui or ultimately turn off an individual and taking a proactive approach to combating them can help managers position their pitch more favorably

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