The Family Office: Hiding-Almost-in Plain Sight Dec14

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For the two to three thousand proper single family offices, or SFOs, that dot the US, remaining a mystery suits them just fine. Playing hard to get adds an element of allure and an extra layer of insulation against purveyors of all sorts of goods and services. For the hordes of wealth and fund managers, insurance advisors, genealogy film makers, private aircraft and yacht brokers, it is like a game of cat and mouse. Of course, some of the wealthy want to be caught and truly value the imposition of new ideas, strategies, and products these people seek to share. But creating an effective strategy to sell to the SFO is tricky and usually frustrating

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The Poetry of Investing Nov8

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It seems as if everyone has been pretty focused on Tweets, hashtags, and the general dumbing down and coarsening of communication of late. So I thought this week I’d inject a little culture into my investment blog. What if investors and fund managers could only think or talk in Haiku? The sentiments would likely remain the same, but the delivery might be much more civilized

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Investor Optimism – Despite “The Merry Minuet” Environment Oct26

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The optimism of consumers, business owners, and investors continues at high levels despite hurricanes in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, fires in California, and possible nuclear confrontation in Korea. In past markets, investors also faced similar issues. For some perspective on the relative constant of world issues, let us look back about 60 years to a hit recording titled “The Merry Minuet”. Nearly the same lyrics could be written today. See whether you agree

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