Foresight Is Better Than Hindsight Jun6

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The Lake Wobegon Effect—where, according to its creator, Garrison Keillor, ‘all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average’—relates to the tendency to overestimate one’s achievements and capabilities in relation to others. Lake Wobegon seems to be alive and well in the hedge fund industry, where every manager thinks they are above average, despite a wide range of evidence to the contrary

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What Investors Will Ask During an Operational Due Diligence Exam Apr26

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Michael V. Merrigan, Founder & Managing Member Shadmoor Advisors LLC contributes the following post. Shadmoor Advisors will be one of the specialists hosting a table at our Table Talks event in New York on May 2nd. As we approach the event we will be featuring white papers from our various specialists.   Beyond Valuation, Compliance &

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The Power of Privilege: Caspersen and Madoff Abused It, But Investors are Taking it Back Apr15

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The unraveling of Andrew Caspersen is alarming not only because of the amount of money Caspersen schemed out of friends, family and investors ($95 million and counting) but also that someone from such a perceived high perch (Ivy league schools; prominent wealthy family) would commit such a crime. The SEC filed civil charges, DOJ filed a criminal case and Caspersen, while silent on the matter to date, spent a few days in a hospital (no word yet on how many days he will spend in jail). Once the smoke clears, the Caspersen debacle will reveal one major shift in the last five years: investors are more empowered than ever before

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Investors Turn To Washington For Solutions To Stock Market Jitters Mar29

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Katina Stefanova, CEO, CIO & Founder at Marto Capital, and a strategic leader in asset management and financial services, contributes the following post. Just under a year ago, popular opinion was that the US economy was strong and the Fed would need to raise interest rates soon to prevent unwanted inflation. In fact, much of the

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