A Dive into Libra, Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Jun27

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On June 19th, 2019, Facebook revealed a 100-page white paper, with some of the details behind its involvement in the “Libra” cryptocurrency. Some analysts were quick to state that Facebook just “reinvented money”. The purpose of this note is to summarize that detailed white paper and breakdown the risks and opportunities for the entire payment ecosystem.

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Demystifying Blockchain, Cryptoassets and Tokenization Apr25

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Blockchain was conceptualized about a decade ago, and today, the technology has many applications. The first major innovation using this technology was the digital currency called Bitcoin. While the cryptocurrency market capitalization was approximately $112 billion in December 2018, it had fallen by nearly $700 billion from January 2018 due to the drop in price of cryptocurrencies and increased potential for regulatory scrutiny. However, the total number of cryptoassets have continued to grow. To help you better understand the new types of cryptoassets, we have provided the following summary

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Token Issuance in Europe Oct5

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Decentralised blockchain businesses and applications are proliferating in Europe just as they are in the U.S. and other jurisdictions. As is often the case, legal and regulatory developments in the U.S. have tended to dominate the headlines with the SEC bringing cases against a large number of token issuers on the basis that such tokens are ‘securities’ for U.S. regulatory purposes

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