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Any successful investment requires patience and discipline and perhaps even a bit of luck along the way. 

Successful investing also needs an understanding of the macroeconomic trends that are likely to inform investor decision-making. Against the backdrop of a challenging macroeconomic landscape and future mixed market sentiments, we have worked with London-based Centre for Economiics and Business Research Ltd (Cebr) to produce a whitepaper that provides fund managers with the outlook for the private equity sector for 2023 and beyond. 

In this report, we seek to provide insights into how private equity is likely to fare in the US, UK, Eurozone and APAC regions within the context of current trends, including inflation, GDP growth and labour markets, alongside fiscal and monetary policy stances.

We would like to thank Cebr for all their support in this endeavour, and we hope that private equity managers and LPs will find our report useful as they dig deeper into the broader trends that will inform their funds’ future.

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