Manager Participation

The Capital Club is our online investor introductory service for fund managers. Leverage the Fintroz platform to promote your fund and connect to our global network of allocators. Our patented methodology of matching hedge funds and investors is perfect for managers who want to find allocators interested in their strategy.

Search. Sort. Connect.
No Lists or Spreadsheets!

Fintroz Capital Club

How Does It Work?

  1. Search participating investors
  2. Request an introduction
  3. Schedule a phone call*

* Managers only pay for introductions that are accepted. If an investor declines the introduction, the manager will not be charged.

The Power of the Virtual Introduction

Each of the investors in the Capital Club have opted-in to the service. Through a series of interviews, we build a profile on each investor that contains details on what they are looking for in a fund before making an investment.


Annual Membership Fee starts at $500
Accepted introductions are $450 each

Additional Benefits

Promotion via the Alpha Ten service
Discounts to Hedge Connection events


Capital Club: How Does It Work?
Capital Club: How Does It Work?
Capital Club: How Does It Work?

Investor Participation

Fintroz has created the best way to discover funds that match your investment criteria. Our patented technology allows managers to request introductions while keeping your anonymity.

How Does It Work?

  1. Create an investment profile
  2. If you are selected by a manager, an introduction email will be sent with details on their fund
  3. Review the fund and either Accept or Decline the introduction*

* Accepted introduction will result in a prompt to set up a call

Reverse Solicitation

Investors may also reach out to participating Capital Club Managers and request to connect with them. At the time of placing the request to connect, a date and time will be entered and delivered to the manager, along with the investor's investment profile. The manager will then select whether to Accept or Decline the request.

Anonymous and Private

The investor's identity is kept completely anonymous right up until an introduction is accepted. No information is revealed if a meeting is declined. Fintroz will never sell investor information to a third party.


No cost to join
Discover new funds
Only interact with funds that meet your investment criteria


Fintroz Investor Participation Fintroz Investor Participation