Virtual events come in many different forms - webinars, video conferences, live broadcasts, on demand videos, chat, and virtual conferences. We can help you sort through the options and utilize the most appropriate features to create an event that fits your needs.

Presentation & Delivery
Your content, how you want to show it.

We offer a variety of options in which to deliver event content and presentations. The Fintroz platform is flexible enough to combine any or all of the different forms.

Delivery Options

  • Single host video presentation
  • Single host slide presentation with audio
  • Multi-host presentation like an interview, fireside chat, or panel discussion

Presentation Options

On Demand - A pre-recorded video presentation introduced at a specified time for your audience. The addition of live chat enhances attendee engagement for a dynamic feel.

Live Broadcast - A livestream presentation is broadcast from the presenter's computer into the event community. Chat, polls, and Q&A further engage the audience.

Attendee Engagement
Getting the most and giving the most to your participants.

One of the greatest benefits and differentiators of using the Fintroz platform is that you will be providing a community for your attendees that is dynamic and allows them to network and connect with each other.

Each attendee will have a profile and messaging capability.

  • Name, title, company, bio
  • Profile photo
  • Messaging and internal inboxes
  • Twitter integration


  • Live chat with custom channels (chat rooms)
  • Q&A capability
  • Polling & Surveys
  • Interactive networking lounge during breaks to share and connect
  • Online trivia games
  • Online magic show

The Fintroz virtual events platform offers an exciting and unique method for sponsors to build brand and generate leads. Robust company profiles including firm logo, firm description, contact details, social media, video, and materials that can be integrated directly into your event community.

These company profiles act as virtual exhibition booths that can be hosted by up to three representatives. A commenting section is available for attendees to interact directly with these representatives.

Additionally, premium sponsor logos can be added to various locations throughout an event community.

Powerful administrative tools to track and monitor online capital introduction engagment.

Our real-time tracking and administration tools allow the event producer to monitor engagement and facilitate engagement among the cap-intro participants.


  • Track manager/investor interaction and connections in real time
  • Create tracking interaction reports to share with clients and team members
  • Facilitate setting up meetings or simply identifying specific managers for your investor guests with our administration tools