A Power(ful) Point: Less is More Jul25

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The financial world is awash in presentation decks—loaded with data, charts, tables, graphs, and an endless series of bullets. Financial folks seem to think that lots of proof points make for strong arguments in favor of whatever they are selling. In the financial industry, many PowerPoints are assembled by analysts or other data-driven professionals, with zeal to ‘prove’ the message with lots of numbers-oriented content. But the reality is something else

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Your Fund Is Grossing Me Out! Jun6

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I was roughly 13 years old when I fell for Nicolas Cage in Valley Girl. Between the Modern English montage of soda sharing and late-night phone calls (on corded phones and pay phones!) and the bitchin’ clothes and slang, my tweenage heart sang just a little for Hollywood punk Randy.  In fact, if not for that movie, I doubt the phrases “Tubular!” and “Gag me with a spoon” would have ever made an appearance in my semi-rural Alabama hometown, even if the latter is what Northerners often think out loud when trying grits for the first time

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